With a customized Rest Assured Home Care Plan for elderly, family members have the comfort of knowing their loved one is in safe hands.  Our caregivers provide companionship and the assistance with daily needs that seniors require maintaining an independent lifestyle.

Rest Assured offers overnight care for those needing or wanting companion care or hands-on care.  Whether it is for a temporary time after discharge from a hospital visit, rehabilitation center or if you or your loved one just needs it do to their ailments, we are here to help with our home care assistance.

We offer custom costs for home care based on the amount of times our caregivers will have to be awake during the night.  We encourage anyone to email us directly with more details so we can give you an accurate rate quote

Rest Assured Home Care works with seniors to increase their well being and maintain their independence.  Our caregivers offer compassionate care that focuses on engaging and interacting with clients.

  • Seniors with active minds are happier and have a better quality of life.
  • Well-nourished seniors are able to have more active minds and bodies.
  • Providing a safe environment for seniors reduces the risk of accidents and promotes a quick response when an illness or accident does occur.

Loneliness has a negative impact on both mental health and agility.  Interacting with others provides mental exercise and boosts long term memory.  Our caregivers for seniors provide them with genuine friendship and build regular socialization into the senior’s routine.